Welcome to Rawhide Coffee!

Welcome to Rawhide Coffee

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Don’t feel like brewing a whole pot, but want to enjoy a fresh cup of coffee? Then our black brew bottled coffee is perfect for you. 

Just heat in a covered microwavable mug for about 1 minute. 

Rawhide bottled coffee is shelf stable and does not require refrigeration until after opening.

For iced coffee just pour over ice.

Convenient for the office, dorm room, or on a camping trip, the everyday coffee drinker can finally enjoy a fresh cup of coffee in a convenient way.

Rawhide Black Brewed Bottled Coffee… Always there for you!

Rawhide Coffee Wins an Award

David Mamo had an idea to make drinking black coffee more convenient when brewing a pot or using a machine was not an option. He discovered that he could keep a pot of sealed coffee in the refrigerator for over a week and it would still be good when heated. Thinking there was an untapped market for people who like to drink their coffee black, he began doing research online and discovered that bottling hot brewed coffee and making it shelf stable had not been done before.